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2008 - 2009 Season Reviews and Results
28 May 2009 Update
I had the privilege of attending the Weldwell SSCAR awards dinner and prize giving last weekend at the Terraces hotel in Taupo. What a wonderful evening. Earlier in the day we had a meeting to review last season's series and plan for the coming season and from this meeting I saw more professionalism, commitment and drive for the future of the Super Saloon class in 3 hours than I have seen in my whole racing career. I take my hat off to the organizers, helpers and fellow competitors for their passion and commitment to this class and SSCAR series.

Later that evening we had dinner and drinks (just a few!!) Bernie Gillon gave us a very interesting and eye-opening speech on safety along with some snippets of his very successful racing and business career. Trophies were presented to Shane McIntyre, Grant Flynn and myself for our top 3 placings in the series. Other awards went to Paul Hodson and Grahame Strong for their consistency and clean racing throughout the series, Ben Harding received best presented car and crew and hard luck went to Brent Emerson. All and all it was a fantastic night.

On the same night Eastern States had their annual prize giving in Blenheim to which I had the huge honour of receiving the Sportsperson of the Year award. I was gutted about not being able to attend but very proud to have been nominated and voted winner of this award. I also won an award for best presented car and crew. Thank you to the Eastern States members for their votes towards these awards, I feel privileged enough Just to race in the class I do in the sport I love, to be recognised by my club as worthy of this award is very humbling.
SSCAR AGM - Terraces Hotel Taupo
SSCAR AGM - Terraces Hotel Taupo

Paddy and Craig Pierce
Third place overall in the SSCAR Weldwell Series

Michelle and Paddy
Michelle and Paddy

Shane McIntyre
Shane McIntyre - SSCAR Series 1st overall
Grant Flynn
Grant Flynn - SSCAR Series 2nd overall
Paul Hodson
Paul Hodson - Clean Racing Award
Grahame Strong
Grahame Strong - Consistency Award
Ben Harding
Ben Harding - Best Presented Car & Crew
Brent Emerson
Brent Emerson - Hard Luck Award
SSCAR Series & Prize giving review
The Terraces Hotel in Taupo was the May venue for the Weldwell SSCAR (Super Saloon Car Association Racing) dinner and awards night.

Long time racer and Flamecrusher owner Bernie Gillon gave a very interesting talk on racer safety and his racing career. Presentations were made to series winner, Tauranga's 1nz Shane McIntyre, 2nd placed Grant Flynn from the Hawkes Bay and Blenheim's 3rd placed Paddy North. Other awards including Weldwell welders were presented by Weldwell rep Mark Hayman to Wellington's Paul Hodson (most sporting driver); Hawkes Bay's Grahame Strong (most consistent driver) with best presented team going to Baypark contracted Ben Harding. Former 1NZ Brent Emerson took home the hard luck award. "Weldwell were very proud to have been a part of the series" said Hayman "we're very happy with the exposure and feedback we've had from sponsoring the series and would love to be involved again next season"

SSCAR Series organisers and long time speedway campaigners Murray Pierce and Peter Hemi were very pleased with the running of the series and the quality of the racing, noting the spectator approval of the format especially the top 6 shootout held at each round. Rainouts at both Stratford and Palmerston North were the only disappointments. Earlier in the day a meeting was held with competitors to review and plan ahead for next season. "We're making huge steps forward to achieving our goals of providing a professional and top class show with some of the country's best cars on the track" Pierce explained, "and Grant Flynn has come on board the organising committee to give a helping hand and were looking to appoint our own SSCAR promoter to help promote the series".

Pierce and Hemi along with Grant Flynn are now focusing their attention on next season's series, confirming tracks and competitor numbers. We have some exciting developments in the pipeline all aimed at increasing exposure and quality of Super Saloon racing in New Zealand.
2008-2009 SSCAR Series Prizegiving
End Of Season
Well its that time of the year again, the cars all cleaned up back in the garage ready for a bit of a freshen up and some TLC. Time for a bit of a break and catch up on all those odd jobs.

Need to say a big thankyou to every one that has put so much time and effort into our campaign this season, especially my pit crew Kevin and Ritchie who have been dragged away somewhere around the country almost every weekend for the last 6 months, your commitment is overwhelming, Michelle and the kids for your support, John Lovelady for all your input into the car, Greg Hiddleston for the ever reliable Chevy power plant, and Dave Clarke for the website work and often travelling to the meetings to help out.

Thankyou to our sponsors; the Eastern States club; my staff at work; and everyone else who has had a hand into a very successful season.

Our biggest achievement this season has been our consistency. At every race we enter we have always put ourselves in a position to be in the top 3 at the end of the night. While luck "good or bad" may play the final part, the consistency itself has not happened by luck; t has been the extremely big effort put in by all involved; it is the meticulous preparation during the week; the quality and reliability of our equipment; the right choices during the night; and a cohesion of car, crew and driver; the small steps we continue to make, will equal big rewards.

I feel privileged and proud to be part of such a great team of people, so to everybody who has been apart of this, THANK YOU
Season's Achievements
  • 1st King of the Coast
  • 1st Tasman Champs
  • 1st Marlborough Super Saloon Champs
  • 2nd Nelson Club Champs
  • 3rd Top of the South Champs
  • 3rd overall North Island SSCAR Series
  • 1st SSCAR round Napier
  • 2nd North Island Super Saloon Champs
  • 2nd Woodford Glen Remembrance Champs
  • 3rd Canterbury Super Saloon Champs
25 April 2009
Wellington Super Saloon and ANZAC Championships
Back over to Te Maura speedway for the annual Anzac Champs and Wellington Champs. I was in high sprits given we had won this event last year. Unfortunately this turned out not to be our night, although we were looking pretty good after two races tied on points for 2nd, unfortunately I ended up in the wall on the first lap of the third heat which pretty much ended our night. Although the guys worked real hard to put the car back together and get it on track for the feature race, the damage sustained proved to be too much for us to be a real threat, and ended up the night spinning off the track late in the race. Congratulations to Ian Burson, and Brent Emerson for taking out the trophies.
18 April 2009
King of the Coast - Greymouth
I've been going to Greenstone park raceway in Greymouth annually for a least the last 10 or so years and never managed to finish in the top 3 all ways seem to crash or have some sort of bad luck so this year I was real keen to turn that around, and we did!

With all the rain the coast had leading up to race day the track was real slushy, just the way I like it. After a big wheel packing session we got down to some racing. I was real lucky to finish 2nd in the first heat after a big collision with Ralph Goodwin driving the Lovelady Mustang, fortunately the damage was not enough to send me to the infield.

Race two I moved through the field to finish 3rd, and race three finished 2nd to Martin Harcourt. That was enough to take 1st for the Day and very pleasing after never being able to achieve any decent results there. Congats also to Martin Harcourt 2nd and Ronny Taylor 3rd.

The only disappointment was having to come home and not being able to stay for the renowned West Coast hospitality and after match.
10, 11 & 12 April 2009
Easter Tasman Championships
Nelson and Blenheim
This was a big weekend with three night's racing and four titles up for grabs. On Friday in Nelson was the Top of the South Easter Champs. We finished 3rd for the night could have done a little better but DNF'ed the 2nd heat with a flat tyre while leading the race. 2nd went to Trevor Elliot from Christchurch and 1st to local Shane Carey.

Night Two was the Nelson Club champs taken out by Ian Burson with me 2nd and Ron Taylor in 3rd.

Sunday Night saw us all head to Blenheim for the Marlborough Super Saloon Champs and the Tasman Champs, which was, combined points from the three nights.

With a 2nd, 4th and 1st placing's we were good enough for 2nd for the night, although we were promoted to first after Paul Hodson from Wellington was relegated some points for jumping the start in the first heat. This is under appeal to SNZ so depending on the outcome as to whether we officially take 1st or 2nd for the night. Either way we had enough points to take 1st place for Tasman Champs overall for the weekend.
5 April 2009
Club Meeting - Blenheim
This was a club day at my home track and given we didn't have any major meetings on, headed out to Eastern States for a skid, I always enjoy racing here and mixing it with the local guys (and girl, sorry Treen) even though they make me start a lap behind. Always a good chance to try different setups on the car without too much at stake. Had a great afternoon with a 3rd, 4th and 2nd placing's and managed to lower my previous best lap record by 2 tenths of a second.
28 March 2009
SSCAR Weldwell Super Saloon Series - Wellington
Going into the Final SSCAR round in Wellington I was sitting 2nd overall on points, quite close with 3rd Graeme Strong and Grant Flynn in 4th. Shane McIntyre had a bit of a jump on the rest of us in 1st place, but not an unassailable lead, especially if he DNF'ed a heat, which is exactly what happened in the first race of the night with Shane getting a flat tyre.

I had finished 3rd in the first heat which all of a sudden opened up the top 3 places in the series to any of four drivers. My second heat was a little disappointing after an early race incident saw me forced infield, rejoining in last position I made a few spots to finish 10th from a grid 13 start. I qualified 6th for the feature and needed a top 2 placing and depending on where Shane McIntyre or Grant Flynn finished could have finished in the top 2 for the series overall.

Unfortunately this was not to be, with a spin by Donald Gregory mid race caused a pile up leaving 5 cars including myself parked on the infield. Gutting, but least we managed to keep 3rd overall for the series.

This was an awesome experience racing this SSCAR series around the North Island, a great bunch of guys, great racing, great format, great hospitality, we had a really neat time and hopefully we will be invited back next season.
21 March 2009
SSCAR Weldwell Super Saloon Series - Meeanee
I've only raced the Meeanee track once before about five years ago so wasn't too sure what to expect, Showers were forecast but not until after midnight so we were looking good to get the meeting through without another rainout. First heat I finished 7th from a grid 16 start, made some good passes and also picked up couple of spots through crashes. Race 2 was off the front row with Brent Emerson who took off like a scolded cat, after 8 or so laps and a caution, Emmo's car caught fire and he was called infield, as we restarted the dreaded rain came early, the race was abandoned and I was declared the winner. The rain only got heaver and the meeting was abandoned. As a result of those two races we have moved back up the points into second place behind Shane McIntyre, with the next 5 or 6 cars quite close on points behind me, I'll have my work cut out this weekend at the final round of the Series in Wellington.
7 March 2009
SSCAR Weldwell Super Saloon Series - Huntly
After two rainouts at the Stratford and Palmy meetings we were looking forward to some racing at Huntly, I finished 4th in the first heat, but were struggling to find good car setup for the track, heat two finished down the field in 10th and didn't fear much better in the feature finishing 9th. I was really disappointed with the night, just struggled to find a decent setup, with everybody else pretty much on the pace I just couldn't make any passes. As a result we have dropped down the points table to 7th or 8th spot. Hopefully we can turn things around in a fortnight at Napier.
1 March 2009
NZ Stockcar GP Meeting - Blenheim
With 46E still based in Wellington for the SSCAR Super Saloon Series, Paddy accepted a drive in Shane Scott's Mazda RX7 Saloon. Paddy drove the second of three races and with the RX7's steering taking more than three turns lock to lock, Paddy experienced the physically toughest drive he'd had in a long time. Shane's since modified the steering.
14 February 2009
Woodford Glen Super Saloon Series Round 4 - Woodford Glen
Tonight thanks to John Lovelady I drove the new LRC ford Mustang, unfortunately I didn't give it back in one piece!!, crashing in the feature race trying to make a pass on the outside line I spun up and got collected by a couple of other cars. Bugger!!!.

Anyway it wasn't a bad night all round as I had earlier success in winning race 2 after a 4or 5 lap battle with Ritchie Taylor In which I managed to get passed him on the inside and secure the win. It was certainly an interesting night and an extremely enjoyable car to drive, again thanks to John for making it happen (and fixing the damage afterwards).
7 February 2009
SSCAR Weldwell Super Saloon Series - Waikaraka Park
Well my first visit to Waikaraka Park last weekend was quite successful, after spending most part of a stinking hot day preparing the car at Ray Stewart's workshop we headed of to the track to check out what we were up against.

Initially I was quite nervous and wasn't to sure of what car setup we should be looking at. After a walk around the track and a bit of a chat with the locals settled on a setup which proved to be reasonably quick and was very happy after the hot laps.

Race one was fast and bumpy, finishing 9th from grid nine, I couldn't make any passes but was happy with the car speed and everybody seemed on the case.

Race two saw us move from grid 6 to finish 4th, felt we were good for a 2nd or 3rd place finish but ran out of laps to make the pass.

I was 5th on points going into the top six pole shuffle, first up was Craig Cardwell and myself, we pretty much ran side by side for two laps but I managed to secure the faster line in the run to the chequered Flag. Next was Grant Flynn who I managed to get the jump on, this was another close one but I managed to hold Grant off. Then came Lance Jennings, here the local knowledge paid dividends for Lance as he knew the fastest way round and knew exactly when to shut the door. That left me with gird four for the feature and Lance went on to take pole with Brent Emerson off grid 2 and Shane McIntyre off 3.

I made a position or two in the first lap but got bumped back to fourth, which is where we finished. The track slicked off quite a lot and was very dusty. An amazing display of driving from Shane saw him drive around the outside of Lance and Brent to take a well deserved first place.

The whole night was an awesome display of close super saloon racing, with no yellow flags. Hopefully this sets the tone for the remainder of the series with the next round in Stratford in 2 weeks.

This weekend were off to Woodford Glen for the 4th round of their Super Saloon series, although unfortunately for our loyal Holden supporters we won't be racing the 46e Monaro. My ride for the night is a FORD!!!. Thanks to John Lovelady I'll be peddling the new LRC Ford Mustang for the night. I'm really looking forward to this and hopefully I can give the car back to John in one piece.

Will update on my FORD experience after the weekend.

2 February 2009
Gisborne Herald
31 January 2009
North Island Super Saloon Championship - Gisborne
North Island Champion! "Wow" I was very proud to have won this Title last weekend and especially proud to be bringing it back to the south. This was one of the best nights racing I have experienced in my career and defiantly the best result we have achieved. These are the sort of titles all racers dream of winning and I certainly have for a long time, not quite a NZ champion but getting close.

Unfortunately, I became aware after arriving home earlier this week that there had been a possible cock-up with the points and our win may not have been as clear cut as it looked on the night. After investigating the situation, much deliberation and against the better advice of all my supporters I decided to return the trophy as I felt I wasn't the rightful winner, and it should be presented to Craig Cardwell (2nd on the night) as he should have finished one point ahead of me.

I contacted speedway NZ to advise of my decision, who in turn advised they were conducting their own investigation into the results and ELS data, and I should wait until the outcome of their investigation at which time they will make a recommendation. This seems to be typical of our racing lately, so many "almost" and "what ifs".

Congratulations to Shane McIntyre for his 3rd place. Couldn't quite make the big 3 with NZ and GP wins, but he gave it a good nudge. And of course Craig Caldwell who drove cleanly and professionally all night and obviously deserves to have his name on the trophy.

Anyway my focus is now firmly on our job at hand which is Round 1 of the North Island Super Saloon series this coming weekend at Waikaraka Park, Auckland. This is a track I've never seen let alone raced on, so will be a steep learning curve come Saturday night. I'm looking forward to this and with the high quality field of sixteen cars should provide for some exciting racing.

"May the man with the most points win" Smile and be happy

Thanks to Ray and Daniel Stewart for helping out with their workshop and transport while in Auckland, and Dave Clarke for the website updates over the last couple of weeks.

Til next week

46E? 46G? 1NI? 2NI?
24 January 2009
New Zealand Super Saloon GP - Baypark
Firstly a big thankyou to the Interislander who have come to the party and helped us out big time with excellent rates getting the truck and crew back and forth over the strait. These guys are excellent, so if you need a ferry ride check them out first.

Also a big thankyou to the Donald Gregory and family for their help with car storage and servicing facilities, we'd be lost without you guys. Hopefully Donald will pull finger and have his car ready for the North Island series starting in Auckland next weekend.

Anyway to the GP at Baypark Tauranga, our bad luck over the last couple of weeks hasn't seemed to change yet. I managed to wreck after only one and a half laps of the 25-lap feature race. The night started with time trials with about 13 cars in each group on the track at once for five laps. Having not done this format before, I didn't leave myself enough room on the track and struggled to put down a fast lap amongst the traffic.

My lap times were slow and this affected us throughout the night with a grid 9 start in the qualifying heat finishing 7th (top 6 to final) and therefore going to a B main where that lap time again came into effect and had me starting off grid 8. Fortunately we had some good car speed and managed to finish 2nd which put us off grid 13 for the feature.

Starting so far down the grid I knew I needed to make some places fast, I found a bit of a grove on the outside and managed about 4 or 5 spots on the outside over the first 1 ½ laps. Unfortunately I couldn't avoid a sideways Pete Hemi and 3 or 4 other cars joined us causing a bit of a pileup. That was me for the night with a smashed steering rack.

The local guys seemed to excel on the very drivey and bumpy Baypark track with locals Shane McIntyre 1st and Mark Orchard 3rd. Luckily for the mainland and after a well driven race Ian Burson finished 2nd. Burs must like this track after also winning the South Pacific Saloons there a few weeks ago.

This weekend we're off to Gisborne for the North Island Champs, also from the south will be Ray Stewart. Ray and I finished 1 2 at a big show there couple of years back so well be looking for a repeat of that!!


22 January 2009
North Island Trip
From this weekend we'll be basing our racing activities in the North Island for the next couple of months, this coming about after an invite I couldn't resist from Muzza Pierce, to compete in the SSCAR North Island Series and therefore we also decided to enter the NZ Grand Prix in Tauranga this weekend and the North Island Champs in Gisborne on the 31st. The following weekend is the first weekend of the SSCAR series in Auckland, which then moves on to Stratford, Palmerston North, Huntly, Napier and finally Wellington on the 28th March.

Unfortunately we'll miss the South Island Champs in Dunedin due to a date clash with the Stratford round of the series. While this is a HUGE commitment for myself, family, crew and Visa card, we're really looking forward to the challenge of competing at the different tracks along with the high calibre of competition (not quite up with the best of the South Island guys but they're getting closer!!). Hopefully one or two more South Islanders may yet enter this series as well, which will make for some awesome shows.

Anyhow we're looking forward to the GP this weekend. It's been a couple of years since we have raced at Baypark, will be interesting to see what sort of track we get, and hopefully we can adapt pretty quickly and get a good result. Will keep everybody informed of our progress in the North via a weekly website update.


North Island Trip Calendar
24 Jan Baypark NZ Super Saloon GP
31 Jan Gisborne NI Super Saloon Champs
7 Feb Waikaraka Park SSCAR North Island Series
21 Feb Stratford SSCAR North Island Series
28 Feb Palmerston North SSCAR North Island Series
7 Mar Huntly SSCAR North Island Series
21 Mar Meeanee SSCAR North Island Series
28 Mar Wellington SSCAR North Island Series
25 April Wellington Wellington and ANZAC Champs
14 January 2009
Super Saloon Hoopla! - Woodford Glen
This is a nite I would rather forget. After a 4th and 5th in my heats I was in a 3 way tie for 3rd which equated to grid 5 for the final after a marble draw which I lost twice. I ended up starting the 30 lap Hoopla from grid 9. The track went very slick very quick and I struggled all race, couldn't make any passes and ended up finishing 12th. At least it was a South Island clean sweep with the Top spots going to Ritchie Taylor (man he must have a big trophy cabinet), Greg Keegan and Josh Boulton.

Lookout for an update in the next couple of days announcing our plans for the next couple of months.


9 and 10 January
New Zealand Super Saloon Championship - Cromwell
Thanks to Dave for the web update after our great qualifying run on the Friday night, the live updating didn't quite go to plan given lack of 3g coverage from the track. Anyway we managed to carry out excellent form from Friday Night on to the finals on Saturday, with a 2nd in heat 1 and a 10th in heat 2 we were tied on points in 3rd place going into the final heat. Starting from grid 16, I made about 9 places and while making an out side pass with 3 or so laps to go disaster struck, Lance Jennings had run out of fuel and while he had made a big effort to park his car hard against the wall, it just wasn't quite far enough, by the time I realised he was there it was to late, I collected him and sustained major damage to the right side of the car. We were properly looking good for a top 3 finish, anyway as they say "That's Racing". We finished the night 8th equal with Shane Carey. Which I guess wasn't a bad result given the DNF.

A big congratulations to Shane McIntyre on his 1NZ and also to Dean Waddell 2nz and fellow South Islander Dennis Bolt for 3nz. Well-done guys. Sunday saw the big haul back to Blenheim, then Monday and Tuesday spent hard out repairing the damage (thanks to my crew for the big effort) In time for the Hoopla! In Christchurch on Wednesday night.


Qualifying Night
Finals Night
7 January 2009
NZ Champs Preview
Well here we go again, NZ Champs time, the cars all prepared and loaded, and hitting hit the road this morning. From what we have seen and heard the Cromwell guys have been putting in a huge effort to make this the best ever NZ Champs so I hope it works out great for them, I also, of course hope things work out great for us, even though Cromwell is not one of my better tracks, we have certainly put in a big effort preparing and learnt a few things which should help us on the night, so to say. In saying that you never really know how these things go, that is one of the fascinating things about speedway, it doesn't matter how much you prepare yourself and equipment, you need some luck on your side (sometimes a lot!!)

Looking at the class of this field you could easily pick properly 12 - 15 guys out of the 38 entries that could win this thing. Just to qualify through to the top 20 for Saturday night is going to be a mission and I think there will be a few disappointed drivers after qualifying. After looking at my group and the quality of the field I know were going to have our work cut out.

Our previous best placing at a title meeting was 7th at Baypark a 3 years ago so I'll be real happy with anything better than that, and of course a top 3 placing is ultimate goal. Anyway whatever happens one thing is for sure, this is going to be an AWESOME show so best of luck to all drivers and crews.

Dave our web man will be trackside with his laptop and if there's mobile internet coverage, will be posting full results via this site during both evenings of racing, so if you can't make it down here to Cromvegas you can follow progress of your favourite driver right here.


1 January 2009
New Year Grand Prix - Cromwell
This is not a meeting we would normally venture to, but given the NZ champs are being held here in a week we thought a bit more practice might help given its not one of my favourite tracks and historically have struggled here somewhat. I not sure I achieved much anyway and was defiantly not on the pace of the top 3 of Ray Stewart, Ritchie Taylor, and Mike Verdonna. Any way it will give me something's think about and work on over the coming week.
26 December 2008
Remembrance Champs - Woodford Glen
I hadn't planned on racing this meeting given that it was Christmas and all that, but after sitting around all Christmas day doing the usual stuff, the urge to go racing got the better of me, so off we went Boxing Day to the Glen. This was a 3 heat deal, and a 3rd, 5th and 1st placing was good enough to secure 2nd for the night behind Ritchie Taylor with Bruce Boulton in 3rd.
13 December 2008
Charlie's Fun Night - Blenheim
This was an awesome meeting put on by Trish and the Eastern States team in memory of young Charlie Higgins, competitors from all over the country turned up with some big fields in most of the 10 classes that races, was a real fun evening.
6 December 2008
WFG Super Saloon Series Round 2 - Woodford Glen
3rd for night behind 1st place Josh Boulton and 2nd place Ritchie Taylor which must leave me in about 3rd or 4th place of the series after 2 meetings. Nearly didn't make this meeting after waiting 2.5 hours to get a blow-out fixed on our transporter enroute to Christchurch, Must say a big thankyou to the staff and officials at the Glen who pulled out all stops to get us going when we arrived while my first race was getting ready to grid up.
29 November 2008
Super Saloon Gold Cup - Cromwell
Last weekend we did the big road trip to Cromwell for the Super Saloon Gold Cup. This meeting was put together by Ray Stewart and the guys to replace the canned South Island Saloon series. It was a good chance to get some practice on the newly surfaced track leading up to the NZ champs there in a few weeks.

We had a 13 car field and a different format of 2 heats with a 30 lap final split in to 2 x 15 lap races where we came back into the pits between races. We qualified 6th for the feature with a 3rd place in heat 1 and last place in heat 2 after a tangle which saw me spin-off to the infield. I moved from 6th to 4th in the first part of the feature, started 4th for the second part which is where I finished behind 1st place Ray Stewart, 2nd Josh Bolton and Ritchie Taylor in 3rd.

Thanks to John Lovelady who travelled down with us, and helped with car setup during the night.

This was a real good show put on by Cromwell and were pleased we made the trip. I've got a few things to work on but were seriously looking forward to the Champs there.

This weekend we're off to Woodford Glen for the second round of their Super Saloon Series. We are currently sitting 5th in this series after round 1 on hope to improve on that this Saturday.

Best of luck to fellow Eastern States driver Dave McCallion this weekend as he the sole South Islander contests the NZ saloon Champs in Huntly. Dave is a great driver so if he can keep the car together, and out of trouble I think he's a real chance for a top 3 finish.


No racing this weekend
Unfortunately I have withdrawn from the Champion of Champions this weekend. I am currently spending some time with my kids in Greymouth. Tragically my son Brad was involved in a boating accident on Saturday, his stepdad Nick did not survive this tragic accident. This is a huge loss to Sarah and the kids which will leave a massive hole in their lives. Nick was a great guy and an awesome dad & stepdad to Jazmin, Hazel, Brad and Morgan.

Best of luck to all the guys racing in the CoC this weekend this is a high quality field and my pick will be 2 Lovelady cars in the top 3, it's just a matter of which 2.

Our Next meeting will be in Cromwell in a couple of weeks this will give us some good practice on this track as a lead up to the NZ Champs there in January
8 November 2008
Club Meeting - Nelson
Last Saturday 8th November we ventured to Nelson for a club night. I went there with the intention of testing some new setups on the car in preparation for the Campion of Champions at Woodford Glen the following weekend. The first two races were magic, lowering my previous fastest lap Times around there by two tenths of a second. Our third race was a shocker to watch given I rode the wall three times and went from the front to the rear of the field in about 1 lap, despite this I was actually very happy given what we learnt and achieved with the car and look forward to applying these changes this weekend at the Champion of Champions.
2 November 2008
Club Meeting - Blenheim
Eastern States was rained out and rescheduled to Sunday afternoon, so we traveled back to Blenheim had few hours sleep and raced there Sunday arvo. Not a bad field for a club night with 5 saloons and 4 Super Saloons with the Carey brothers and Ron Taylor joining us From Nelson. We struggled with the track conditions a bit finishing with three 3rd places for the afternoon.
1 November 2008
Woodford Glen Super Saloon Series Round 1 - Woodford Glen
We competed in the first round of the Woodford Glen Super Saloon series. Again the weather was looking dodgy all day and even a small shower right before start time didn't stop the action.

This was a 2 heat deal with highest points off the front for a 25 lap feature, we finished 3rd from grid 5 in the first heat. Heat two we DNF'ed unable to avoid a spinning car, ended up crashing with the car sustaining quite a bit of frontend damage. A big effort by the guys and a good delay before the feature with the fireworks display gave us enough time to get all the bits replaced and able to line up for the feature. Given the high number of other cars not completing the heat gave us enough points to start grid 5 which is where we finished behind winner Ritchie Taylor, Josh Boulton 2nd , Trevor Elliot 3rd and Bruce Boulton I guess this leaves us in about 5th place for the series which is a six round deal with a round each month throughout the season.
26 October 2008
Back on the Track
Canterbury Super Saloon Championship - Woodford Glen
Firstly sorry for the lack of off season updates, unfortunately I didn't have much to report, just the usual strip down and tidy up of the car. The transporter got a bit of a birthday thanks to Paul Marshall at Marlborough Spray Kote, Ritchie Chapman and Brian at BB signs.

To kick our season off we travelled to Christchurch last Friday and fitted our freshened engine courtesy of Greg Hiddleston Our intention of giving the car a bit of a shakedown at the Canterbury champs at Woodford Glen on Saturday was delayed due to that wet stuff falling from the sky. Anyway after catching up on some sleep we finally got our season underway on Sunday evening.

I was pretty happy with the car right away, a bit cautious for our first race but made a couple of passes before going on to win the second heat. A rear start and midfield finish in the third heat was enough to give third place for the night. Congratulations to Ritchie Taylor on his first placing and Ray Stewart who piped us by one point for second place.

Generally I was pretty happy with the car setup and my driving, after our great finish to last season I was real keen on getting back on the pace quickly and regaining some of that form early in the new season. I felt we went along way to achieving that.

Our programme for the next few weeks includes the Super Saloon series at Woodford Glen on the 1st Nov. then possibly a run in Nelson on the 8th Nov, returning to the Glen on the 14th and 15th for the Champion of Champions meeting. This will be our first premier show of the season. I always look forward to this meeting with the quality of competition that it attracts. So fingers crossed we can achieve a good result.


Go Dad!
Go Dad!
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