2008 - 2009
North Island
Super Saloon Championship
Eastland Group Raceway
31 January 2009
North Island Champion! "Wow" I was very proud to have won this Title last weekend and especially proud to be bringing it back to the south. This was one of the best nights racing I have experienced in my career and defiantly the best result we have achieved. These are the sort of titles all racers dream of winning and I certainly have for a long time, not quite a NZ champion but getting close.

Unfortunately, I became aware after arriving home earlier this week that there had been a possible cock-up with the points and our win may not have been as clear cut as it looked on the night. After investigating the situation, much deliberation and against the better advice of all my supporters I decided to return the trophy as I felt I wasn't the rightful winner, and it should be presented to Craig Cardwell (2nd on the night) as he should have finished one point ahead of me.

I contacted speedway NZ to advise of my decision, who in turn advised they were conducting their own investigation into the results and ELS data, and I should wait until the outcome of their investigation at which time they will make a recommendation. This seems to be typical of our racing lately, so many "almost" and "what ifs".

Congratulations to Shane McIntyre for his 3rd place. Couldn't quite make the big 3 with NZ and GP wins, but he gave it a good nudge. And of course Craig Caldwell who drove cleanly and professionally all night and obviously deserves to have his name on the trophy.

(Paddy returned the trophy and following an SNZ investigation Craig Cardwell was declared North Island Super Saloon Champion)
1 77B Darren McKinley
2 34G Ray Stewart
3 6B Grant Flynn
4 5B Steve Flynn
5 6M Gary Edwards
6 1NZ Shane McIntyre
7 8H Craig Cardwell
9 38H Peter Hemi
10 71M Russell Donavon
11 95B Jonothan Browne
12 96A Lance Jennings
13 33M Paul Carter
14 46B Grahame Strong
15 7A Mike Slater
16 31H Kevin Salle
17 42H Chris Tombleson
2 33M Paul Carter
3 96A Lance Jennings
4 1NZ Shane McIntyre
5 8H Craig Cardwell
6 71M Russell Donavon
7 38H Peter Hemi
8 5B Steve Flynn
9 46B Grahame Strong
10 6B Grant Flynn
11 7A Mike Slater
12 77B Darren McKinley
DNF 42H Chris Tombleson
DNF 6M Gary Edwards
DNF 95B Jonothan Browne
DNF 34G Ray Stewart
DNS 31H Kevin Salle
1 8H Craig Cardwell
3 6B Grant Flynn
4 1NZ Shane McIntyre
5 33M Paul Carter
6 96A Lance Jennings
7 5B Steve Flynn
8 38H Peter Hemi
9 71M Russell Donavon
10 77B Darren McKinley
11 46B Grahame Strong
12 34G Ray Stewart
13 95B Jonothan Browne
14 7A Mike Slater
15 42H Chris Tombleson
DNS 6M Gary Edwards
DNS 31H Kevin Salle
One of Paddy's young fans at Gisborne
One of Paddy's young fans at Gisborne
One of Paddy's young fans at Gisborne
One of Paddy's young fans at Gisborne
One of Paddy's young fans at Gisborne
One of Paddy's young fans at Gisborne
One of Paddy's young fans at Gisborne
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