The Marlborough Express
Burning rubber and fuel fumes
Looking for a shot of adrenaline on Sunday morning in Blenheim? Then fasten your seatbelts and head out to the Riverlands Industrial Estate.

That's the venue for the popular annual Picton Tools and Tyres Street Sprint where cars are driven at high speed around a 2km circuit at the estate, on timed runs, in an event where big is definitely good and noise, burning rubber and the smell of high octane fuel rules.

Twenty-six drivers from Blenheim and Nelson pit their driving skills, their nerves and their machines against each other. Some drivers, such as Paddy North from Blenheim - one of the title favourites, will share his powerhouse Evo 3 with fellow Marlborough man and another serious title contender Kevin Newton.

Richard Bateman is another big hope in his Evo 8 machine and former Marlborough golf rep Chris Hill swaps clubs for steering wheel in his classy-looking blue Subaru, finely tuned at his workplace, CH Motors. The course provides plenty of challenges with corners and straights and enough room for cars to exceed speeds of 150kmh.

Marlborough Car Club spokesman Richard Bateman, one of the event organisers, said it's a great spectator-friendly event with purpose built vantage points which are safe, plus food and drink providing the opportunity for a great entertainment, action and fun.

Bateman said the course is challenging and there's not much room for error, despite there only being one car on the track at a time racing against the clock.

"There's always excitement and heartache for drivers in street sprint. It's exciting for drivers and spectators."

Each driver has three runs in their class and then the field is narrowed down to the fastest 16. It then goes down to the last eight, last four and then the final shootout. One against one against the clock to see who is King of Riverlands.

- The Marlborough Express
24 August 2012